property prop‧er‧ty [ˈprɒpəti ǁ ˈprɑːpər-] noun properties PLURALFORM
1. [uncountable] LAW all the things that someone owns:

• Some of the stolen property was found in Mason's house.

• The President supports a tax cut on profits from sales of property such as stocks and real estate.

arˌtistic ˈproperty [uncountable] LAW
an artistic work for which someone owns the copyright:

• The Copyright Act of 1976 states that the owner of a copyright can sue anyone who infringes his or her exclusive right to control the distribution of literary or artistic property.

inˌdustrial ˈproperty [uncountable] LAW
intelˌlectual ˈproperty [countable, uncountable] LAW
an idea, design, or artistic work which a person or organization has invented or created and on which they have obtained a copyright, trademark, or patent:

• The country's indifference to (= lack of caring about ) copyright protection not only hurts foreign creators of intellectual property, such as software makers, but it discourages home-grown creativity too.

• Microsoft's regional manager for intellectual property rights

ˌliterary ˈproperty [countable, uncountable] LAW
a literary work on which someone owns the copyright:

• Rawlings' will states that the university has the right to his published and unpublished manuscripts and literary property.

ˌmovable ˈproperty also moveable property [uncountable] LAW
personal property which can be moved, rather than a building or land that stays in the same place
ˌpersonal ˈproperty [uncountable]
things such as money or shares, but not buildings or land, which you own; = PERSONALTY
2. [uncountable] PROPERTY land and buildings, and the activity of buying, selling, and renting them; = REAL ESTATE:

• Property prices have shot up (= quickly increased ) recently.

• Homeowners around Miramar, site of a planned new airport, are worried about noise and property values.

• The tax increase amounts to an extra $3 a month for the average property owner.

comˌmercial ˈproperty [uncountable] PROPERTY
land and buildings for use by businesses, such as offices, factories, hotels etc:

• They are involved in shopping mall and commercial property development.

• The city is trying to attract new investment into its prime (= best and most profitable ) commercial property.

disˌtressed ˈproperty [uncountable] PROPERTY
property bought with a loan on which repayments are no longer being made:

• As an investor, he is renowned for his skills in buying distressed property at rock-bottom prices.

imˌmovable ˈproperty also immoveable property [uncountable] LAW
buildings or land, rather than personal property:

• the law relating to the mortgage of immovable property

ˌprivate ˈproperty [uncountable] PROPERTY
property, especially land, that belongs to a private owner rather than to the public:

• The police can prosecute people who trespass on private property

ˌpublic ˈproperty [countable, uncountable] PROPERTY
land or buildings owned by a local or national government:

• The storms caused $60 million of damage to public property.

ˌreal ˈproperty [uncountable] LAW
land, buildings etc:

• people whose wealth consists mainly of real property

3. [countable] PROPERTY a building, especially a house, and the land that surrounds it:

• Several properties on this street are for sale.

ˌfreehold ˈproperty [countable, uncountable] especially BrE PROPERTY
property which you own completely and for an unlimited time:

• increases in the value of freehold properties

ˌleasehold ˈproperty [countable, uncountable] especially BrE PROPERTY
property that is owned only for as long as is stated in a lease (= a legal agreement that allows you to use a building for a period of time in return for rent):

• The Building Society is offering a special 4.99% two-year mortgage on leasehold properties that have been on its books for more than six months.

4. [uncountable] ownership of land, goods etc:

• a belief in the idea of communal property

* * *

property UK US /ˈprɒpəti/ noun
[U] LAW an object or objects that belong to someone: »

They haven't yet learnt to respect people's property.


Accepting stolen property is against the law.


The phones are considered to be the property of the company.

[C] (plural properties) PROPERTY a building or area of land that someone owns: »

The number of properties coming on to the market in June increased at the fastest rate since May last year.

buy/sell a property »

When the owner died, the family sold the property.


a business/investment/residential property


a hotel/retail/office property

[U] PROPERTY buildings and land, considered as things to be bought and sold: »

They made their money in property.

buy/invest in/own property »

The university owns a lot of property in this part of town.


The expense to each property owner will be more than $200,000.


Property prices are very high in that area.

See also ARTISTIC PROPERTY(Cf. ↑artistic property), COMMERCIAL PROPERTY(Cf. ↑commercial property), DISTRESSED PROPERTY(Cf. ↑distressed property), IMMOVABLE PROPERTY(Cf. ↑immovable property), INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY(Cf. ↑industrial property), INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY(Cf. ↑intellectual property), INVESTMENT PROPERTY(Cf. ↑investment property), LITERARY PROPERTY(Cf. ↑literary property), MOVABLE PROPERTY(Cf. ↑movable property), PERSONAL PROPERTY(Cf. ↑personal property), PRIVATE PROPERTY(Cf. ↑private property), PUBLIC PROPERTY(Cf. ↑public property), REAL PROPERTY(Cf. ↑real property)

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